About Us

Who We Are

R&B-Side Radio creators are just R&B lovers who were looking for a place to hear good music. As we all know good R&B is hard to find these days. As DJ’s, we were always digging around for new, and old, quality R&B music: good musical instrumentation, good lyrical content, high quality vocals, and harmonies and melodies that soothe the soul. So we decided to create a station that we would enjoy listening to, and perhaps other people might enjoy it too.

Rather than focus on popular R&B songs, we decided to focus the “other” songs on the album. The ones that you never hear on the radio, the ones that should have been released as a single, those singles that should have got a little more airplay, those sleepers, hidden gems, and those oh so underrated songs and the oh so underrated artists who sing them. At R&B-Side Radio, we truly appreciate the artist and respect the creativity, heart and soul they pour into each piece.

Our Mission

Sometimes artists put albums out and we, their fans, don’t even know about it. Our goal in playing B-Sides on our stations is to showcase the songs and the artists that do not get the attention they deserve.

Although we pay royalties through our stations on the music we play, we fully encourage our listeners to support the artists. If by listening to our stations, you decide to pick up an album, or see a live performance somewhere, then our goal is accomplished.

This website, these stations and the entire concept of R&B-Side Radio is still in its infancy. We appreciate the support we have received so far which shows people still believe in real R&B. We ask for your continued support, and ask to please bear with us as we continue to grow. There is so much more to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we consider B-Sides?

Here are the main criteria for what we consider a B-Side:

~ Released as a B-Side to a single or;

~ Released as a single but never charted or;

~ Charted but never in the top 25 R&B and;

~ Remixes, interludes and skits.

How often are new B-Sides added?

We carefully select the best in R&B songs that you’ll never hear on FM radio. We want you to be able to enjoy B-Sides 24/7, so we have an extensive database of select music with new songs added during the 1st of each month. We have hundreds of songs still waiting to be added. As well as the discovery of new B-Sides and artists everyday.

How can we contact R&B-Side Radio?

We welcome any and all feedback, please contact us at admin@rnbsideradio.com.

Why is there a Jazz station on R&B-Side Radio?

While digging through R&B albums for the stations, we noticed that a lot of R&B artists had jazz songs, and many jazz artists had R&B songs on their albums. So many that we decided to create a station for it, where you will here jazzy songs by R&B artists and Jazz artists who have made R&B songs in their careers. We like to call it Jazz-n-B.

Stanley Clarke – Butterfly Dreams // Stanley Clarke - Children Of Forever
  1. Stanley Clarke – Butterfly Dreams // Stanley Clarke - Children Of Forever
  2. Stanley Clarke – Unexpected Days // Stanley Clarke - Children Of Forever
  3. Stanley Clarke – Sea Journey // Stanley Clarke - Children Of Forever